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Hi~ (:

We've finally decided to write our blog in two languages: Spanish and English, both in just one blog, because it would have been more complicated to organize two blogs.

As we say in there, the translation isn't that accurate, we change whatever we feel like changing... but well, at least we're writing it ourselves ^^

Why don't you take a look? (:…

Have a nice day~

Marina and Helena
Hello (:

Just writting to say: voting for the music challenge (in which we're participating) started yesterday, 6th July,
check out our designs and if you like them, please vote for us~ (:

To vote you have to click "I want this", it's below "Add to Favourites".… - Music-electrocardiogram… - Sprout of Music

Have a nice day~
Happy New Year!~

...well, that's it ¬¬